The TIC VALE (Local Productive Arrangement of Information Technology and Communication of São José dos Campos and Region) is a network of highly qualified companies that offer complete solutions in the areas of information and communication technology. The group, currently composed of over 77 companies, is supported by a governance composed of public and private institutions and teaching, research and development organizations.

What do we offer

Our wide range of products and services meets all stages of your project and needs. Equipment leasing, advisory, planning, risk management, software development, web and mobile systems, digital marketing, tracking and metrics, georeferencing, infrastructure, telecommunications, information security, automation and many other solutions.


Our difference

Think, design and create solutions for the future of cities. Smart Cities,this is the main goal and differential of the network of companies that form the TIC VALE. The whole city is made ​​up of complex systems and interconnections (people, infrastructure and operations). With our solutions, we help design the future of these cities smarter, sustainable and participatory manner.



For our customers

The advantage of hiring solutions in TICVALE is the broad and complete portfolio of products and services offered by the companies. Whatever your problem or need in the areas of information technology and communication, we have the ideal solution. All this in one place and simple, integrated way.

our portfolio

For the Companies

The advantage of being part of TICVALE is in participating of a living environment of cooperation and interaction, allowing access to many benefits and business. With the proposal to foster a group with increasing quality, comprehensiveness and expertise, words like exchanging knowledge, experience and strategic partnerships form the basis of our Cluster.

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